Price Match


Here at we want our customers to get the best price possible. This is why we have a price match guarantee, ensuring that the price you see here is truly the best you'll get.

Put simply - if you are able to find the same product from a reputable website then we will match their price for you. We understand that after a purchase, you may take some time looking around for a better price. This is why we allow for 48 hours in which you can fill in the form below and get a better price. 


Price match terms:

  • Vendor must be reputable and not a scam. This will usually mean that they have a vendor profile on TDF which can be found here or they are an authorized reseller. There are many black-market or low grade duplicates that impersonate a product from a particular manufacturer and sell the items and a very large discount. 
  • The item's price must not be on sale and must be live and in-stock at the time of your request. X/% amount off prices will not be accepted. The same applies for "closeout/clearance/liquidation" sales. 
  • Item must be new. We will not price match refurbished, returned or used items. Not valid on "Black Friday" or "Cyber Monday" sales. 
  • The item price must be identical in all specifications and product options. We will work through any add-on prices with you to find the final price.

If your request meets the price match terms then:

  • You must contact us at ( or fill in the form below within 48 hours of placing your order. Including a link to the item. 
  • Support staff will verify your request and match the price. If you have already purchased with us, we will refund the difference minus 5% of that amount. This is due to payment processing fees associated with refunds that we are not in control of. reserve the right to warrant the price match guarantee and we will have final say based on the details you provide and the authenticity of the item and vendor. 

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