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HR Doll

HR Dolls are a very well known brand, being one of the rare sex doll manufacturers to offer male sex dolls. HRdoll have pre-customized in stock dolls ready to go. With various customization options and a large array of sex doll heads available, including hybrid male dolls with a silicone head. Choose from a huge breasted dolls or a selection of dark skinned beauties - with new dolls added every week, the HR catalog is not one to miss. Read more below to discover our HR doll review. 

HR Dolls

A fully verified and well-known manufacturer. 

HRDolls have been around for some time now and have been verified by the famous Doll Forum (TDF) as a legitimate sex doll manufacturer, offering multiple customization options and upgrades. Each doll can be fully customized like most other brands, with popular upgrades such as gel breasts, insertable penis and a moaning feature. HR offer some truly spectacular dolls with many of their catalog being included in our popular sex dolls collection.  

In Stock Dolls

HR Dolls can be purchased as in-stock & pre-customized.

HR sex dolls offer a selection of USA, domestically stocked sex dolls. These dolls are ready to go with all the customization options pre-selected. HR will choose their best selling dolls and using their years of knowledge - are able to choose the best customised features too. This means that you can get your sex doll within 3 - 7 days in the USA and with fully tracked and insured domestic shipping. Safe in the knowledge that your doll will look fantastic, as it's already a best seller. 

Male Sex Dolls 

Male Sex Dolls for Women & Gay Men

Knowing the importance of the female and homosexual sex doll market. Offering male sex dolls for women and gay sex dolls for men has been a strategic and highly profitable venture for HRdolls. Since sex dolls increased in popularity over the years and marketers have access to tools showing search terms, the demand for male sex dolls has been obvious. With only a limited supply of male sex dolls, HR dolls are slowly but surely increasing their catalogue and reacting well to what is now an niche in its own right.

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