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Medium Breast Sex Dolls

Having huge tits is great, but having the perfect handful is better. You may disagree but the best sex dolls have C-Cups and this is represented by their sales volume. What's more, we've found that there seems to be somewhat of a sex doll golden ratio and based on the sheer number of clicks and purchases a teen sex doll with perfect medium breasts get - this is what everyone seems to be looking for. Boobs that sit high on the chest and nipples that point to the sky is what everyone is looking for. The best part about owning a perfect titted sex doll is the fact her boobs will never ever changeForget about paying for her boob job because you can buy gel filled breasts that feel just like the real thing! Read on below to find out why medium sized breasts make so many men hard as nails. 
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Just Enough

Just enough to fill your palms and swing as you screw.

One of the sexiest parts of a woman; full, gorgeous breasts are an absolute must for the discerning man. They're beautiful under a t-shirt or lingerie, hanging free when she's on her knees, or swinging with every thrust as you take her ass or pussy from behind. Our medium boobs sex doll selection makes the most of this hard-on-inducing body feature, with a virtual parade of breasts to choose from. If you love medium breasts on your lover - just enough to fill your palms and swing as you screw - you're in luck: you'll find the perfect woman for your carnal needs right here.

Your Boobs

The choice is yours with full customization options.

These lovely ladies spare no detail to be true-to-life and capable of draining you dry in sexual romp after romp. The feel, softness, and appearance of their breasts is entirely customized, allowing you to pick everything from cup size to the color and size of her soft, pliable nipples. Whether you prefer to squeeze and fondle breasts as you slide into her mouth, pussy, or ass, or want to slip between her breasts to screw your way to a mind-blowing orgasm, she's ready, willing, and able to take every inch of you anywhere, all night long.

medium breast sex doll

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Incredible Chest

Fondle, squeeze and love her incredible boobs.

Your doll will never get upset at you for staring at her incredible boobs - in fact, she's literally designed to make them available to you 24 hours a day. Let her tease and tempt your senses from the front or from behind. You'll love the soft, pliable feel of her true-to-life skin, with the way her delicate feet point towards the ceiling when she's waiting for you on her back, the smooth curve of her ass when you take her doggy-style. She's the real woman that bulge in your pants has been craving, and from the moment you feel her tight love holes or full, soft breasts wrapped around you, you'll be madly in lust. Is there anything more desirable to a man than a perfect blonde hair sex doll with perfect boobs and a tight little vagina?

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