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Sex Doll Accessories

Sex dolls are now highly customizable and with that comes a vast array of accessories to choose from. Each year we add various different options from penis adapters to sex doll head stands. Your doll is an expensive piece of art and a lifelong companion so ensuring you maintain the skin and employ proper storage protocol should be of utmost importance. Read on to discover more about sex doll accessories. 
Sex Doll Penis Adapter Upgrade

Doll Upgrades

Looking for a little extra spice with your doll?

A penis adapter can come in two different sizes to accommodate all types of orifices. Maybe you're interested in having fully articulated fingers so your dolls hands can wrap around your penis while you stare deeply into its eyes? Other body upgrades include automatic breathing systems, so you can fall asleep with the sensation of a real breathing human lying next to you. Maybe facial freckles or tan lines are more your thing? If you can think it, we've likely got it

Slap it & Squeeze it 

Realistic gel implants for buttocks & breasts. 

Some of the more desirable upgrades come in the form of gel implants. We now offer gel breasts which allow for an even higher sense of realism than the older breasts types such as hollow or filled. The same goes for buttocks - as you can now choose an implanted gel butt an option for your pleasure. Keep it all nice and clean with a free vagina douche or even an automatic vagina irrigation system.


Sex Doll Gel Breast Upgrade

Repair Kits & Storage

Store your doll safely & cheaply

Sex doll storage is extremely important when considering the lengthy amount of time you'll be enjoying your doll. This is why we've always promoted the use of a proper sex doll flight case. However, we realise that the added weight for the courier increases the price significantly. This is why we now offer cheaper and simpler doll hook sets and free-standing hanging stands. If it's just the head you're looking to store, consider our simple white head stand or even a solid metal head stand. Make sure to add a doll repair kit incase of any tears or accidents you may encounter when moving your doll around your home. 

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