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Anime Sex Dolls

Anime or Hentai sex dolls originate from the hand-drawn popular artwork found in mainly Japanese comic books. This innocent look with often big eyes and petite body types - resemble popular cartoons from the Japanese culture. A fetish for a fantasy sex doll can flourish from a very young age as young men fall in love with the popular skinny sex doll manga characters they grew up with. Read more below to discover why a sexual fascination for anime is just so popular among sex doll clients. 
Anime sex doll

Manga Artwork 

Sexually explicit comic book characters

Anime refers to animation that is often computer generated but was traditionally hand drawn in Japan. Over 60% of the worlds animated television is Japanese Anime and so it's no surprise that many men will have a sexual attraction to this style. An anime sex doll will often have huge eyes and a small head with tiny features that resemble an innocent young woman. Innocence in Japan is a popular trait and and many find geisha women extremely attractive for their softly spoken temperament and petite sex doll features. 

Hentai Sex Dolls

Western cultural fascination with the hentai style 

Although the love for anime can mainly be found in Japan and other eastern countries - western men are increasingly exposed to this industry. Comprising of adventurous storylines, often with a male hero - the anime stories have a universal appeal. The manga characters portrayed in these comic books often dedicate themselves to the male character and so extreme fetishes for Anime women can manifest quickly in adolescence and adulthood. Having access to a full size anime sex doll can be a dream come true if you've had sexual thoughts for these characters. 

Anime History

Popular In Japan since the 1950s

Manga artwork now makes up a large proportion of Japanese comic books. The industry is booming with an estimated worth of $7 Billion in Japan alone. In North America, since the late 2010s - anime comics have outsold American comics. Even in Europe, manga comics are big business with almost 40% of French comics being manga in 2005. Single pretty women have featured in Anime stories mainly after WW2, with stories that have related to the atypical males life. In Tokyo a bill to restrict access of manga comic books in 2010 has only fuelled the taboo nature of the anime industry. 

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