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IronTech Doll

IronTech dolls produce some of the most beautiful sex dolls around. As one of the largest sex doll manufacturers with a huge catalog of both TPE and Silicone sex dolls, IronTech has communicated with us over the years to expand their collection to include doll fetishes we've request. We asked them for more pregnant sex dolls, they delivered. We asked them for more gay sex dolls, they delivered. IronTech have accomplished more than most other brands and this is why they are one of our favorite factories to date. Read more below to discover our IronTech Doll review.

IronTech Dolls

A premium doll company based in Shenzhen.

Irontech Doll is a company based in Shenzhen, China, that specializes in TPE sex dolls. The dolls have a metal skeleton for realistic firmness, and their skin is soft, supple and slip-resistant, with a self-recovering capability. Irontech offers sex dolls ranging from 3 ft 3 in to 5 ft 6 in height. For each doll prototype, you can choose between 5 skin colors, 5 eye colors, 9 wig types and 4 nail colors at no extra charge. You can choose whether you want pubic hair, and you can select a nipple size and color.

Premium Customizable

Offering virtually any body type you can imagine.

Interestingly, the company offers a premium option at an $8,000 flat fee to custom-make your own doll from scratch. Otherwise, if you're looking for cheap realistic sex dolls, their ready-made dolls come in a wide array of body types, including dolls with breasts as large as a P-cup size. Plus, you can find male dolls, transgender "shemale sex dolls", and female dolls with virtually any body type you can imagine. Most dolls feature clothing and body-type themes like "gymnast," "Sex Doll MILF," "lingerie model" or "boxer."

Quality Checked

Devoted to quality and creating a real human-like feel.

While the company is less focused on high tech robotic features like AI or body movement, it is devoted to quality and creating a real human-like feel. Every doll is checked by one of Irontech's in-house engineers before shipment after being polished and quality-checked by its manufacturers. The Irontech sex doll comes with a cleaning device and heating rod from the manufacturer which lets you control the temperature of your doll so that it feels like a real person. When you purchase, you can decide whether you want it to come with a gel breasts or now gel implanted butt. Or, you can get feet with metal on the soles that allow the doll to stand up on its own. You also have the choice between a removable or permanent vagina. By removing it, the cavity is much easier to clean.

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