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Black Hair Sex Dolls

Silky black hair is one of main features of a beautiful asian sex doll. There's a certain dark temptation to dolls with black hair. Maybe you once fell in love with a women who hard darker features and black hair? Long and straight hairstyles that contrast white skin dominate our Japanese sex doll category. Finding the right hairstyle is an extremely important part of choosing your doll and as one of the most popular hair colors in the world, we have lots to choose from. You'll also find many dark haired dolls in our quickly expanding black sex dolls collection. Read more below to find out just what to expect from our dark haired goddesses. 
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Black Hair

Black hair with full round breasts & amazing asses!

She's elegant and so hot you won't be able to keep your hands off her, thanks to her sensational head of beautiful black hair: she's a full sex doll ready to give you the full erotic experience. If you're looking for a sex doll with black hair, you've come to the right place: these luscious beauties pair chic black hairstyles with full, round breasts, amazing asses, and tight pussies that will milk you dry and beg you to go all night long. Don't let their high-end looks fool you, these are the hottest sex dolls you'll ever see and they're made to make your wildest fantasies into erotic reality. Each black-haired vixen is ready to do any and all of the dirtiest and most depraved sexual acts you can dream up.

Darker Harder

Run your fingers through her black hair.

You'll love the way her silky, lifelike skin feels under your fingertips as you grip her shoulders to slide in from behind. You'll groan with pleasure when you feel the way her smooth, soft breasts fill your hands as you sink deep between her legs. And when you slide between her parted lips and into her throat, you'll run your fingers through her black hair and think you've died and gone to heaven. These black haired full sex dolls don't feel like sex toys, they feel like a sexually-insatiable girlfriend with none of the complications - just a sky-high libido and a desire to get you off anytime you want.

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Customize Her

She's been waiting for you to claim her sensational body.

Make your black-haired sexpot the girl of your dreams with customized options; you'll be able to pick everything from the look of her gorgeous face, her hairstyle, and eye color, right down to the color of nail polish on her ultra-detailed hands. She's been waiting for you to claim her sensational body, so find the sex doll with black hair that trips your trigger and make her yours tonight: from the very first time you feel her against you, you'll crave getting off hard in all of her tight love holes.

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