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Sex Doll Torso

Our torso sex doll collection offers a wide range of sex torso made from TPE and Silicone. Being a relatively cheap sex doll when compared a full size doll and having some exclusive features - like fuckable nipple holes; you'd be crazy not to take a look below. A sex torso is lighter and generally easier to store, carry and maneuver into different sex positions. Ranging in weight from around 55 lbs to 80 lbs, doll torsos can come with or even without limbs. Choose from a variety of body types including BBW sex doll torsos or even choose a male sex doll torso. Read below for more information on our torso sex dolls. 
Torso Sex Doll

Torso Sex Doll

Buy a premium sex doll torso and save money!

With sex torsos being significantly lighter in weight than a full sex doll - many prefer torsos for this very reason. It can often be quite a chore to move a sex doll on your own, however torso's weigh between 26 kg - 39 kg. With so much rubber and steel involved - life size sex doll weights can really be quite heavy and this can be seen in some of the sex doll reviews we've received over the years. The significant weight reduction (often 30% less) when buying a torso sex doll - also gives the added bonus of reduced shipping expenses. The price of a sex doll will include a large proportion of courier costs (due to the weight) - therefore, we're able to bring this cost down when offering a much lighter torso sex doll. 

Male Torso Sex Doll

Now offering a male sex doll torso for women & gay men

As a gay man or straight woman, the inclusion of a gay sex doll torso in your life may be just what you're looking. Having an erect penis stand up to attention while attached to a male torso sex doll allows the user to properly "ride" the torso and sit on him without fear of a penis becoming detached. This can be problematic for conventional male sex dolls that are purchased with a penis adapter. For women, who are often weaker than men; a male torso sex doll will come as a welcome change and we've seen a large trend of female customers opting for a lighter (and cheaper) sex torso. 

BBW Sex Doll Torso

BBW Sex Doll Torso

Even the larger BBW sex doll torso can be purchased

For the men out there who like their women big and beautiful, we've got you covered. As one of the more popular body types, a BBW sex doll torso is considerably easier to maneuver than it's full size sex doll counterpart. When dealing with a larger body size, it's often more desirable to have her without legs and often without arms, so you can flip her over easily and without straining your back. We're very proud to be able to offer BBW torso's below. 

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