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Sex Doll Heads

Discover the wonderful array of doll heads here, with almost every brand offering different facial structures, hairstyles, ears, noses and more. Many of our doll heads can be mixed and matched to fit other brands. So if you find a head you like and want to attach it to a body from another manufacturer, please confirm with us if this is possible. Using a simple M16 push fit adapter - heads can be "snapped" onto the body, without having to worry about any screwing. Many heads also come in silicone and may offer slightly differing options. For instance - silicone doll heads can have freckles, real implanted human hair or eyebrows and will usually have a mouth without the possibility of oral (unlike TPE heads). Read more below to discover what's available.
sex doll heads

Sex Doll Heads Only

Just want to stare into her eyes?

Sex doll heads represents the most realistic part of a doll in many instances. There's something truly human about a dolls body as soon as you attach the head. When the eyes look back at you, you'll feel a true sense of presence in the room that can make you feel less lonely. It is for this reason that many who cannot afford a full size sex doll or simple don't want the body - choose to purchase heads only. When you find the right head, it can make you feel whole againSome brands even offer rotating eyes so you can have your head look in a particular direction too. Some of the largest collection of heads from fom WM Doll and AF Doll

Silicone Heads

Freckles, Implanted human hair and refined detail. 

Silicone is different to TPE. Being firmer, a silicone head can be implanted with real human hair and can have human eyebrows or even freckles. Silicone is less absorbent than TPE and so we're able to tattoo the skin without worry of leakage or smudging. Furthermore, a silicone head will not have an enhanced mouth and so oral sex is not possible. Most sex doll heads can have removable eyes that can be easily swapped out at your pleasure. Although silicone heads come with a slightly higher price tag, they're definitely worth the price when you see one up close. 


sex doll head only

Custom Doll Heads

Bring back the past with a custom head

Are you still in love with an ex partner? Do you still fantasize about them and see their face in your dreams? Or maybe you've lost a loved one and would do anything to see them again? With the right high definition photos, we can make a fully customized doll head from scratch. This has been particularly beneficial to grieving husbands or wives as they can now look back into the eyes of their lover. It is also possible to have your favorite movie character or comic book character recreated (copyright and trademark permitting). If you have scans of a person's head or photos from all angles - please email us to discuss a custom sex doll head.

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