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Asian Sex Dolls

A petite sex doll asian body and complexion is one of the sexiest doll types we sell. Men often dream of being with a woman of asian origin for good reason. An asian sex doll will often have smaller features, like a cute little nose, perfect ears and eyes with a slim and supple body that is very attractive to look at. Asian women's temperament is that of a gentle type that will do all to please their man and this simple yet powerful character reflects in the western mans attraction to sex dolls of asian descent. 
Asian sex doll

Smaller, Thinner; lighter

Smaller bodies with much less weight

The advantage of an asian sex doll is her size. Generally speaking you're going to have a much lighter doll that her western counterpart. Asian women have one of the smallest body types in the world and this is the same for popular anime sex dolls too. If you look at women from countries such as South Korea or Japan; they are shorter and thinner on average. When talking in the sense of rubber, asian sex dolls will be much easier to maneuver and position, due to the significant weight reduction.

Asian Persuasion

Thinner tighter pussy and asshole

Although the average temperament of an asian women, may classically resemble a more reserved women who is less sexually active than that of a westernised female. An asian sex doll will accept whatever you do to her. This can be particularly attractive to a man when you consider that her love holes will be thinner and tighter. Made of TPE, a sex dolls vagina is extremely accommodating to any size man. So don't be put off if you're particularly well endowed and partial to a little asian persuasion!

Asian Sex Doll

White Skin

A lighter complexion and skin tone. 

Real asian women will often prefer to be white skinned. This is true in countries like China, Japan and South Korea. Chinese sex dolls skin colour is usually a white tone. Some Japanese sex dolls will have that noticeable contrast of jet black hair with a very white skin tone. If you're into this look then you will be very satisfied with the Japanese sex dolls specifically. 

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