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Dolls Castle

Dolls Castle, founded in 2016 have been in the business of making high quality sex dolls for quite some time. With a focus on extremely low prices and and realism that is truly stunning, Dolls Castle have some of the most affordable and beautiful looking dolls on the market. Importantly, they've also made sure to have a large collection of USA and EU stocked dolls that are pre-configured and ready to go. Ever seen a doll with blue skin? If you're looking for some truly unique looking dolls then Dolls Castle are here for you. Read more below to discover out Dolls Castle review. 
In Stock Sex Doll

Stunning Realism

True to life looks with high attention to detail

The Dolls Castle collection is stunning. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail has paid off with a collection that contains some of the prettiest dolls in our store. With beautifully plump breasts and tiny little waists - the skilled design staff and perfectionist workers have put together some magnificent pieces of art that will have your jaw dropping. Couple this with fine details like freckles and collar bones, these dolls should have their own social media following! 

USA & EU Stock

Pre-configured and ready to be shipped today!

It's certainly not easy for a Chinese based company to acquire a large warehouse in the USA and in Europe, then pick the best sellers and come up with the capital to fully stock an overseas warehouse. However, the payoff is huge - as in stock dolls make up the vast majority of our sales since introduction. It seems that speed is more important than bespoke customization with sex dolls and this is very apparent in our sales data. Dolls Castle have made sure to have their company well positioned with in stock dolls and we're proud to service their dolls to US and EU customers. 


dolls castle sex dolls


Exquisite Dolls & Low Prices 

Bringing down the costs /  keeping up the appearances

Quality sex doll productions is not an easy feet and doing it at low cost is even harder. There's very high costs to factories when it comes to Silicone and TPE dolls with long working hours needed for the design labor and multiple staff required along the production line. Dolls Castle have managed to maintain an extremely high standard of doll while keeping the costs low. Extremely low prices are often associated with scam sites and cheap replica dolls but not here! 

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