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6Ye Dolls

6Ye Doll offer unique looking cheap sex dolls with some of the fastest production times in the industry. A sex doll purchase can often be one of life's more impulsive acts, with peak arousal at night or a loneliness that builds while in bed, often our customers reveal the speed at which they pulled the trigger. Therefore, it is equally as important to have your doll as quickly as possible before your next life expense comes knocking. Offering USA stocked dolls, including a range of affordable torso sex dolls, with lightning fast manufacture times, 6Ye are able to fulfill your desires quickly. With dolls of all colors, shapes and sizes - you'll find something that sparks your curiosity here. Read more below to find out what's special about this manufacturer. 
6ye dolls

6YE Doll

Inexpensive sex dolls and an impressive rapport.

6YE is well known brand of inexpensive sex dolls based out of Dongguan, China. The company is quickly growing an impressive rapport in the industry. What makes 6YE stand out among other brands is their flexibility and manipulability. While most brands use steel metal skeletons inside the dolls, their skeletons are made from hollow aluminum, which makes them more lightweight and easy to handle. The skeleton is also more flexible, allowing for a human-like 360-degree rotation of the arms instead of just up and down or side to side.

Exquisite workmanship

Best sexy pussy doll producer

Another feature of their build is a ball and wrist clipping system for joints, which keeps the doll more durable at the joints over time - so that they don't become too loose. Plus, you can choose between 3 levels of joint tightness. Select normal joints, tight joints or loose joints, depending on how easily you want your doll to move. These dolls are made with high-grade, enhanced TPE that is oil-free and odor-free. There's no need to powder your doll like other TPE sex dolls on the market. Their maintenance is minimal and their durability is excellent. You'll be impressed with their exquisite workmanship on the doll's vagina. Their attention detail and realism where lady parts are concerned has dubbed them the "best sexy pussy doll producer".


6ye sex doll

Unique Body Features

Released a premium series of sex dolls called Amor Doll.

Their catalog starts at $1,790 and goes up to $2,099 for a full body sex doll. You can customize head to toe with a choice of 6 eye colors, 4 skin colors and 19 hairstyles. There's an option for standing feet and shrugging shoulders, and a selection of 9 pubic hairstyles. Finally, select from 3 manicure and pedicure options, 3 areola sizes and 4 areola and labia colors. If you so choose, your doll can come with a removable tongue with lifelike texture. As 6Ye quickly expands its lineup of models and compete with the market, it's recently released a premium series of sex dolls called Amor Doll. These dolls have unique new body features available, such as puffy nipples, bubble ass, boobs fetish and more.

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