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YL Dolls

Specializing in cheap sex dolls, YL Doll have gained a popularity for manufacturing some truly spectacular looking dolls. With many customization options available, including multiple hairstyles and body types - YL's expansive collection showcases just what's available in this industry. With various fantasy sex dolls featuring elf ears, vampire teeth and other anime characters, YL's broad range is a real spectacle to behold. If you're looking for a big tits sex doll then YL have you covered with cup sizes going all the way up to M Cup. Read more below to discover what's on offer in the YL collection.  
YL sex doll

YL Sex Doll

YL Doll produce hyper-realistic TPE dolls.

YL is a brand that makes life size sex dolls manufactured at the same factory as the WM Doll. YL is known for making hyper-realistic and detailed dolls out of TPE - a rubber with elasticity that gives the doll its human-like touch and feel. YL offers standalone parts that can be interchanged on the dolls, such as heads, eyes and wigs. They also sell a stain remover designed for cleaning the TPE material. Doll heights range from 4 ft 10 in to 5 ft 7 in. Torso dolls range from $1,350 to $1,550, and full-size dolls range from $1,800 up to $2,250.

Niche Fantasies

BDSM, massive tits, anime, elves and vampires.

YL continually comes out with new realistic sex doll prototypes tailored toward niche fantasies such as BDSM, massive tits, anime, elves and vampires. Once you've chosen a doll based on the height, breast cup size, hip size and pretty face that you like, the customization you can do is virtually endless. If you choose to customize your doll, you can pick from skin tones, eye colors, wigs, nail toenail colors. You'll decide whether you want a fixed vagina or an removable insert vagina. Next, you'll choose whether you want to add pubic hairstyles and colors. Select a small, medium or large areola size, and choose from areola and labia colors. Finally, you'll select either regular feet or standing feet.


YL sexdoll
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Customize Her

You'll find that your purchase is highly customizable.

While some YL heads have a standard textured oral cavity, you can get a YL head with enhanced mouth features. This means, your doll has an attached tongue that can move back and forth, plus a uvula at the back of the mouth for a realistic throat feel. The breasts are solid TPE by default, but by choosing the hollow option, or gel filled your doll will come with softer, more squeezable breasts. Another customization you can go for is shrugging shoulders, if you desire more realistic upper body flexibility.

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