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Angel Kiss

Focusing exclusively on silicone sex dolls - Angel Kiss are a new brand of doll from the famous WM Dolls manufacturer. With a modest collection so far, Angel Kiss have some gorgeous looking dolls with the signature silicone detail that is only possible when using this material. Slighter more expensive that your average TPE doll, the money however is very well spent, as you get a realism that is truly unmatched. Read more below to discover our Angel Kiss review.

Sumptuous Silicone

Unmatched detailing with real implanted human hair

The silicone material is a true wonder to work with. Most people automatically assume that a sex doll is made from silicone and this is clearly represented in Google searches, but in actual fact the vast majority of sex dolls are made from TPE. Silicone is more expensive than TPE and does not 'jiggle" as much. However, unlike TPE - silicone has a much higher degree of detail and can have real human hair implanted wich is simply not possible with TPE dolls. If looks are more important to you, then silicone is really worth the extra price.

Top Quality

From the world famous WM Doll manufacturer. 

WM Doll have been producing top quality sex dolls for many years now and have set themselves apart by having an extensive catalog of unique looking dolls. WM have consistently grown their collection with new models added almost daily. You'll find hundreds of dolls, from slim blondes to chubby redheads and everything in between. Almost every vendor will have some WM stock and their studio has a track record for high producing professional photos that really show of the beauty of their dolls. 


Watch This Space

Silicone dolls are being produced at a very high rate

The WM factory has decided to specialize with the Angel Kiss brand in order to meet the very high demand for silicone dolls. Customers are increasingly turning to silicone because of the realism that can be created truly makes for a life-like companion, and for many, once they're done having sex - they just want a doll that resembles a real human. With TPE vagina inserts so readily available, the actual intercourse with a silicone sex doll can be just as good as with TPE and this means that punters are willing to pay a little extra for a full silicone body.

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