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AF Doll

Purchasing a sex doll can be an exciting but expensive endeavor. However, without compromising on quality - AF Dolls has consistently provided affordable sex dolls with a grand selection to choose from. With realistic male sex dolls, shemale, silicone, Athletic, BBW, Asian, Teen, Big Boobs, and flat chested dolls to name a few; browsing their catalogue is a real treat for the eyes. Couple this with an extraordinarily rapid production time and vast customization options; AF have proven to be a reputable and competent manufacturer. Some of our most popular dolls have come from their factory and AF Doll truly produce some of our best sex dolls to date. Read more below to discover our AF Doll review.
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AF Dolls

A brand that specializes in affordable sex dolls.

AF is a brand that specializes in affordable sex dolls, with prices ranging from just $1,049 to $2,199. Established in 2011, AF is based in Dongguan, China, and caters to customers looking for cheap TPE sex dolls. While they are more affordable, their dolls are still made with high-quality medical-grade TPE for guaranteed safety and to achieve the touch and feel of life-like skin. The material as also waterproof and easy to clean. AF's love dolls feature a fully articulated metal skeleton that can assume any sex position you can imagine, and pose with striking realism. Their joints are welded for durable, long-lasting use, and the TPE adheres to the skeleton so that there's no tearing.

Highly Customizable

Offering a wide range of customization

They have gay dolls, female and shemale dolls, with numerous prototypes based on breast cup size, hip size, height and more. Heights range from 4 ft 6 in up to 5 ft 7 in, and there are a wide range of faces to choose from. Once you've chosen your doll, you can customize the prototype by choosing from 3 eye colors, 4 skin tones and 15 hairstyles. You can also easily interchange the different doll heads the company offers. Other customizations are areola size and color, a choice of 6 pubic hairstyles, labia color, and manicure and pedicure colors.


af doll
af dolls

Value For Money

Offering long-lasting and hyper-realistic dolls.

Add-on features include shrugging shoulders that raise realistically at the shoulder joint, and feet that allow the doll to stand upright on its own. At no additional cost, choose a removable vagina insert for easier cleaning. You can also choose to have air-filled breasts, which make them softer and more realistic to the touch. AF offer a heating rod as an accessory designed to safely heat the vagina of the doll. AF dolls are product top sex dolls with huge value for your money, because they're long-lasting and hyper realistic.

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