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Custom Sex Dolls

Have you ever seen someone and wanted to fuck them? Did an ex partner leave you heartbroken and you've fantasised over them ever since? Well now you can get exactly what you want in life. With our sex doll builder - you can create a sex doll to your specification. Simply select a sex doll head from a compatible manufacturer, pick a body type and then hand-pick your sex doll accessories and add-ons. You can now be the master of your doll and rest easy knowing you created the very best sex doll. Read more below to find out what's possible. 
custom sex doll

Your Creation

Small toys and pornos just won't cut it

There are plenty of products around that aim to provide sexual gratification. Small toys and certain video subscriptions aren't always quite what it takes to see things through. Sometimes, it takes more than an impersonal, handheld piece of plastic or few to really get going. That's where full size adult dolls come in. When some people hear "sex doll" they imagine an unrealistic, mass produced piece of pleasure plastic. They're anything but, especially the ones available here.

Custom Order

Choose a base model across various brands.

Sex dolls can be made to custom order, and are crafted with as much care as they'll strive to provide. There are plenty of sex dolls available, each unique and with further customization potential than meets the eye. Choose a base model across various different brands, offering dolls made of high quality silicone or TPE (brand permitting). There are plenty of bodily and facial variations between the dolls themselves including the heavier BBW sex doll


custom sexdolls
custom dolls

Insertable Penis

Insertable penis option to suit your needs.

Many dolls have variable hairstyles. Also on the facial front is a choice in eye color. Bodily, there are options in filled, gel implanted or hollow breasts. Nail color on the fingers and toes can be set to certain paint colors. There are also customization options across the more intimate areas of the dolls' bodies. Nipple size and color can be adjusted. Varying levels of vagina hair can be set. There's an optional removable vagina, or one that is fixed and crafted into place. There's also an optional insertable penis. About anyone's dream partner can be sculpted onto a sex doll. Whether they're short, tall, small or large, or maybe even male or female, sex dolls are made the moment an order is finalized. Find the best partner, then make them even better.

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