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Finding the very best sex doll can be a troublesome endeavour with so many body types and faces to choose from. You may find yourself scrolling through endless pages of different doll manufacturers, hunting down the best sex doll available. Since we have thousands of dolls, updated daily, you may find it easier to checkout our list of top sex dolls. This selection has been hand picked by the staff and includes some of the most popular sex dolls in sales volume and some of the most viewed sex dolls of all time. Read more below to discover our best sex dolls review. 

Top Sex Dolls

Discover the top selling sex dolls of all time

We've compiled an extensive catalog of our best selling sex dolls of all time. Our best selling dolls come from a wide variety of ethnicities, with black sex dolls, asian sex dolls and white skin sex dolls. You'll find dolls with small breasts and dolls with huge breasts, all mixed in with anime characters, fantasy dolls and body types ranging from petite and skinny to curvy and BBW. We will always offer our precise filtering menu, so be sure to click "refine by" if you're on mobile and you can filter out the dolls you'd prefer not to see. 

Best Sex Doll Company

Only the very best sex doll companies survive here. 

Sex doll manufacturers have come thick and fast as of late. It seem like every factory with the means to do so, wants to begin offering sex dolls to this rapidly growing market. Here at we don't just sell any old doll. Being at the top of your game as a manufacturer will grant you the privilege of being placed in front of our customers. The best sex doll companies should have an extensive range, multiple body types and multiple options and upgrades. The likes of Irontech Doll, WM Dolls and SE Doll have all accomplished this and we're proud to offer their best selling sex dolls on this page for you. 


Best Sex Dolls Under $1000

The $1000 mark is significant & we're here to help

Paying over $1000 for anything in life can feel somewhat scary. However, although difficult to achieve with a full size sex doll - it can still be done when a sale is active. Use our filter option to refine your search based on price. Since you'll be searching within the top sex dolls available - you'll find a limited selection of the best sex dolls under 1000 USD here. Generally speaking, if you're really only interested in rubber under $1K - please check out our alternative selection where you can find a cheap sex doll torso

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