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Hybrid Sex Dolls

Hybrid sex dolls are when the head is made from silicone and the body is made from TPE. Since a silicone sex doll can be much more expensive than the same TPE sex doll - we offer the best of both worlds. Below you'll find a large selection of sex dolls that not only weigh less than a full size silicone sex doll, but are also considerably cheaper. Offering exquisitely refined facial detailing; a silicone sex doll head is perfect if you're not too interested in oral sex. Couple that with a TPE body - with body heat retention and more wiggle - you've got yourself the perfect hybrid sex doll. Read more about the benefits of hybrid dolls below. 
Hybrid Silicone Head

Silicone Sexdoll Head

Firmer and more refined details to the facial features. 

Silicone rubber has some differences when compared to TPE. It's slightly heavier and a lot firmer to the touch. This means that manufacturers are able to delicately mould and hand-craft tha facial features with much more precision. For most people, the sex doll head is mainly for visuals and so a silicone head can be a welcome improvement when compared to a TPE head. Other benefits of silicone include the ability to insert real human hair, giving a truly life-like appearance to the hairstyle, eyebrows and even the beard (for male sex dolls).

TPE Body

Still want the jiggle? A TPE body is superior.  

TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer which basically means that this particular form of rubber is extremely elastic and absorbs and dissipates heat optimally, to replicate real human skin. The "jiggle" of human flesh is often one of the most attractive traits and so having TPE rubber for the breasts and buttocks can truly enhance the realism for maximal pleasure. With a TPE vagina or penis, your body heat will slowly absorb into the flesh and will gradually release to closely replicate the true feel of human genitalia. 


Hybrid TPE Body
Hybrid Sex Doll Silicone Head TPE Body

Lighter, Cheaper, Better.

Lighter and cheaper...and she's still gorgeous!

A full silicone sex doll will generally cost well over the $2000 mark. For many, this is simply outside of their price range. So with a TPE body and silicone head; hybrid's offer a cheap sex doll alternative - giving you the best of both worlds. For many of our dolls, you're able to mix and match the heads with different bodies. This can be done relatively easily with the M16 push fit adaptor and so taking a good look at our range of sex doll heads will set you up well for choosing the perfect hybrid sex doll. 

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