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Sex Doll In Stock

In stock dolls make up the vast majority of customer orders now and represent a selection of the very best sex dolls. Whether you're in the USA or Europe, we've got a doll for you to choose from and you'll find a selection of only the most popular sex dolls. Pre-customized and ready to go, with some dolls having multiple pre-configurations to choose from. Although new sex dolls are added daily - only limited stock is available, so if you can't find what you're looking for then check back and you may find another doll available. Enjoy a RAPID dispatch time of only 24 hours and shipping time from as little as 3 working days. Read on below to discover more about our in stock sex dolls. 
In Stock Sex Doll

Sex Dolls In Stock USA

Rapid FedEX ground shipping in 3 - 7 days, delivered. 

Once you place your order for an in stock sex doll, we'll have it dispatched within 24 hours. Since each doll is pre-customized, there really is nothing to delay it being dispatched. In some cases where a free extra head is available, we'll send you an email to confirm that you want it. If we do not receive a reply within a given timeframe (usually 24 hours) - we'll go ahead and assume you're okay with it and ship it out anyway. Nothing better than a freebie, right!? Orders are sent fully tracked and insured to your door and you can track your doll on the FedEX website to see exactly where it is, at any given time. 

Massive Discounts

Enjoy huge discounts for all in stock dolls

In stock sex dolls are generally much cheaper than if you ordered the same doll with your own customization. This is because the factory is able to ship these dolls in bulk via sea freight. The weight of a sex doll is the main reason why prices are what they are. So when a dolls is shipped by sea and in bulk - the courier is able to charge much less and we are able to pass those savings on to you. Manufacturers are constantly increasing inventory of in stock dolls, making it much easier for you to find a doll that really turns you on! At time of writing, relatively few manufacturers are offering in stock and ready to ship sex dolls but this is rapidly changing and very soon - every manufacturer will have a selection for you to choose from. 


In Stock Sex Doll

In Stock Sex Doll

EU in stock Sex Dolls

Now covering all of the EU and the UK, with less fees. 

Sex dolls sent to certain European countries can unfortunately incur substantial import duties when sent directly from China. So now we're able to ship the doll to you from a European country and avoid such fees. When EU stock dolls are shipped within the Eurozone - this often reduces the chance of a customs inspection with could delay the transit time. Dolls stocked in Europe are usually dispatched from Germany or the UK, depending on the manufacturer you choose. 

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