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As an exclusively silicone only manufacturer, SinoDoll design and produce some of the most realistic luxury silicone dolls on the market today. With predominantly asian sex dolls, their workmanship is top notch with fine details that will simply blow you away. SinoDoll have kept their selection relatively small over the years and focused on perfecting their techniques to offer an exclusive catalog of dolls that you won't see anywhere else. Although it may take them slightly longer than others to have the doll ready to ship, there's no doubt they're skilled and competent staff have a perfectionist attention to details. Read more below to discover our SinoDoll review. 

Sino Dolls

Luxury brand producing realistic Silicone sex dolls.

Sinodoll is a luxury sex doll brand that started producing high end sex dolls in 2018. Based out of Guangdong, China, the dolls are silicone and feature some of the most realistic sex doll technology available today. Prices range from $2,050 up to $2,950.  You can customize your doll not just based on appearance, but also by adding features that make it more human-like and sexually satisfying. There's the option for movable mechanical eyes so that let you change the direction of where the eyeballs look. Rather than a wig, you can opt for implanted hair that feels real, and you can choose implanted eyebrow hair instead of the default painted hair. There's also the option to add pubic hair and tattoos.

Silicone Realism

Offering heighten sexual sensibility and realism.

The silicone skin on all the Sinodolls is textured to imitate real human skin. To further heighten sexual sensibility and realism, Sinodoll gives you the option to have your doll made with an ultra-soft vaginal cavity, inner thigh and butt. The material used for these customizations has more "give," like a real female body. All the dolls feature soft breasts that also "give" when squeezed, and they jiggle like real breasts when moved. The heads on Sinodolls are interchangeable. You can purchase heads from the company to put a different face on the sex doll you have.


sino sexdolls

Cutting-Edge Engineering

Highly durable and sanitary for long-lasting use.

If you're looking for a smaller and more petite sex doll, Sinodoll also sell torsos with hips if you're not ready to commit to a full-size love doll. To customize the look of your doll, you can choose from 11 different hairstyles, 7 seductive eye colors and 6 skin tones. Even with no additional features, the default-made dolls feature cutting-edge engineering for a realistic experience. Plus, the platinum silicone material makes the love doll highly durable and sanitary for long-lasting use. All orders come with a cleaning device, clothing and a comb.

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