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Cheap Sex Dolls

All the sex dolls in this collection are under $1400 USD. Finding a sex doll cheap enough that you don't get a call from the bank is not as hard as it seems. Some of the most affordable dolls can be found below and without skimping on quality. We offer low cost sex doll torsos and all other types of cheap sex dolls for men, including cheap male sex dolls. Read more below about to find out about what's on offer in this category.
Cheap TPE Sex Doll

Cheap TPE Sex Dolls

TPE is affordable and realistic

Although you may have heard about silicone sex dolls, they are far too expensive to be listed in this category, but not to worry because TPE has many benefits over silicone. Not only being considerably lower in price, TPE feels better. TPE is able to quickly absorb body heat and dissipate it slowly to give you the sensation of being close to a real person. TPE is also slightly lighter than silicone, so you can be sure that savings we make from lower shipping costs are passed on to you here. 

Cheap Sex Dolls for men

Don't buy ultra low-cost dolls online

Over the years we've seen multiple sex doll re-sellers offering seemingly legitimate dolls are ridiculously low prices. In fact, these prices are so low that it simply is not possible that they come from the factores they purport to be from. We here at are all too familiar with this, as we often get disgruntled customers in our inbox trying to figure out why their doll doesn't quite look or feel right. Unfortunately, we have to explain that they've been scammed and this can be more than disheartening. 


Cheap sex doll

Cheap sex doll

Buy cheap sex dolls

Be a cheap Sex doll Torso here

Often the biggest savings can be when you eliminate the limbs. Yes, although it may sound undesirable - torso sex dolls have come a long way in recent years and we can now offer a larger selection than ever before. Within our cheap dolls collection we even have some pregnant sex dolls, which, for their size is a real bargain! We also have USA stocked dolls that have had their usual price discounted. This is because they've already been shipped in bulk on a boat and so we can offer a huge discount, when compared to a full customized air freight doll.   

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