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New Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are added daily to our collection. Fresh looks and new improvements, including an extensive selection of body upgrades means you'll never be entirely exhausted of choice. This can be a little ominous if you're searching the very best sex doll for your taste. However, it's certainly worth taking a good look as the newest sex dolls often have the best custom options available with upgrades to the hands, buttocks and breasts. Since the advent of full size silicone sex dolls - our collection will also contain a variety of new silicone sex dolls too. So read on below to discover our review of new sex dolls available on the market today. 
New Real Life Like Silicone Sex Doll

New Silicone Sex Dolls

Silicone sex dolls are growing in popularity, year on year. 

A growing trend in the sex doll industry is that of silicone sex dolls. Offering firmer skin and allowing for much more detail, a silicone doll's benefits include real implanted human hair and a realism that is just unmatched. Although TPE is a fantastic material to the touch, silicone is often preferred for the sex doll head. This is why many new dolls we offer are hybrid dolls, meaning they have a silicone head and a TPE body. Effectively offering the best of both worlds and at a cheaper price compared to a life size silicone sex doll.  

Body Upgrades

Exclusive new custom options and body upgrades

Some of the latest developments in sex doll manufacturing has attempted to push the limits of what can be done with newer sex dolls. Now days, prospective customers are looking for dolls that mimic the real thing, often down to the smallest of details. Some of these improvements have been to the breast, vagina, hands and buttocks. In this section you'll find dolls with vagina's that mimic the twists and turn of a uterus and breasts that are custom filled with a TPE gel. Some dolls now also have an option to upgrade the butt to a gel filled buttock, much like the breasts, this enhances the "jiggle" effect. Articulated fingers have been one of the most requested features and is now available to the masses. 


Articulated fingers upgrade

The Sky's the Limit

Looking for a robotic sex doll or Artificial Intelligence?

Now we can offer AI sex dolls with the ability to talk back to you and can be programmed with your cell phone. The advent and popularity of sex robots has given us sex dolls with motion. In the works is a hip thrusting option and an automatic blowjob simulation. So your new sex doll can thrust and give you oral like you've never believed. The sky really is the limit with sex dolls and what can be done to increase the realism and pleasure for their owner.

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