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silicone sex dolls

Lifelike SexDolls

Submissive partner ready to meet your needs. 

When it comes to pleasure, there are few ways that simulate sex better than a full size and lifelike sex doll. Sex dolls allow anybody to craft their ideal, submissive partner that is always ready to meet any need or desire. There are dozens of choices available, with varying features, sizes, heights, busts, butts, and more. They can all be found here, with quality pleasing assured. However, the ideal doll requires a similarly ideal material. Depending on individual needs and budgets, different materials will yield different experiences. There are several kinds of materials that sex dolls can be made from, but one of the best choices is silicone.

Silicone Vagina

Highly flexibility, durable and overall high quality.

Silicone is a rubber-like polymer, used in a variety of applications and products. Silicone is often praised for its high resistance to heat, flexibility, and overall high quality. Soft, pleasant to touch, and resistant to micro growth, silicone is a great fit for a sex doll. Although silicone is often associated with kitchen cookware and the likes, it has many uses. One of these is providing high levels of pleasure. Many sex toys have been manufactured with silicone materials, and sex dolls are no different. Easily cast and molded, it's a more than efficient choice of material.

Silicone vagina
sexdolls silicone

Silicone SexDolls

Silicone also feel more true-to-life.

There are several advantages in owning a sex doll made out of silicone. Realistic silicone sex dolls have a highly natural, convincing appearance. Real silicone sex dolls also feel more true-to-life, having a texture that is stunningly similar to actual skin. Silicone is, overall, a perfect substance for a sex doll. Anybody looking for a realistic, lifelike, and most importantly, pleasurable sex doll should consider ordering a silicone model. There are plenty of options available, featuring varying racial and facial characteristics. For a quality sex doll, crafted to order with silicone, consider one of the models provided here.


TPE sex doll

Premium Quality

We understand the finer details are important!

Made with premium medical grade Silicone. So your doll will keep her feminine shape for years. Made with metal skeleton with flexible joints. You can put her in any sexual position that you desire. Hand and and sculpted by artists. We understand the finer details are important! Finger nails, eyelashes, and other small details are made to be as lifelike as possible. We check all dolls for imperfections before dispatch so you can be sure you will get only the best.

Production & Shipping

To meet strict deadlines, production begins immediately

Customers can expect to wait 14 to 21 days for the construction and delivery of their sex doll. All products are made to order, precisely to customer specifications. Certain models may take longer, depending on the requested features.

precision made
doll delivery

Package Dimensions

The box dimensions are approximately 150cm x 40cm

Package dimensions are approximately 150cm x 40cm. All contents within are packed tightly and safely. Within each package, customers can expect to find the doll head and body. Assembly is as simple as connecting the two. Additionally, each order comes handling gloves, a starter's cleaning kit, and a soft blanket to ensure the care of each doll.

Discreet Shipping

There is not indication of the contents.

All our packages are shipped with complete anonymity and discretion in mind. Products are shipped in discrete cardboard boxes. They do not have any labelling suggesting the brand or contents within. The customer's ease of mind is of the utmost importance in all our dolls.

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