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The Premium UK Choice

Obey and follow your fantasies, no more window shopping, buy that a sex doll today, Purchasing a sex doll should be an exciting and adventurous experience. After purchasing a number of life like sex doll in the past, we have struggled to find any suppliers that offer a quality discreet premium service for a premium product and we are here to overcome this .

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Quality: Maintained

Plastic blow up sex dolls are well and truly a thing of the past. Step into a new age of high quality modern tech sex dolls with a premium TPE and Silicone material that looks and feels just like a real woman. Trying to maintain and relationship with a real woman might not be as difficult and stressful as a high tech modern sex doll, That does not mean she should not be properly maintained. That’s why we take great pride and pleasure in offering a great step by step guide to maintain the quality of your sex doll, Please find here

UK Shipping

We offer Very fast and discreet shipping service to every corner of the world. Your sex doll is your business and we like to keep it that way. A discreet shipping service should never compromise the speed and reliability, Thats why we provide a premium “White glove” delivery service from the minute you check out to the minute you meet your doll. Leave it in our hands and sit back, relax and wait for your dream girl to arrive. Read more about our order process here .

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The SD Guarantee

Our top class quality control department work extremely hard to guarantee each sex doll is of the highest quality and in immaculate condition before it leaves the workshop. We understand that shipping such a complex product internationally it may arrive in a different condition to how it left our workshop, Thats why we offer a comprehensive SD Guaranteed which protects our customers from these issues and ensures that you only receive the exact hight quality sex doll we advertise. Read more about the SD Guarantee here.

Customer Support

Just as you should take care of your sex doll , we must take care of our customers happiness. For the price you pay, you should not accept no less than a top class customer service and support and we couldn’t agree more. In this industry and line of work, building an impeccable relationship with our customers and offering a lifetime support is key and a rare skill that many vendors don’t take pride in and invest little time into this matter. If we haven’t answered your questions in the FAQ or the maintenance page, You can either contacts us online or reach out vis out contact form

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