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You won’t find another guy quite like Nick. His youthful features make him look just like a teenager, but his masculine body says he’s all man. “I turn 23 in November, but I still look like I’m a teen. It sucks at times, but my partners seem to love it,” he says.

When he isn’t naked and pleasing his partners, Nick can be found working his life away as a wedding planner for a local agency. He loves the little details in design and in life, which make the job a perfect fit for him. Sometimes, he has naughty run-ins with his male clients who decide to give him a wedding gift of their own.

“On one occasion, I ended up having sex with both the husband and wife separately. It was one of my shining moments as a wedding planner. Oh, and their wedding went off without any problems,” Nick recalls.

Seriously, how could you not love having sex with a silicone sex doll that looks like Nick? He’s one of our top rated gay male sex dolls, and we’re confident you’ll have a good time with him.

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Material: TPE Sex Dolls
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Doll Specifications




ORAL 12cm


ANAL 15cm




HEIGHT 160cm




WAIST 77cm


BUST 86cm


HIPS 97cm


LEG 77cm


FEET 21.5cm


ARM 63cm

Customise Nick

Choose the hairstyle you prefer with our customized hairstyle option. Shop by straight, curly, updo or down with his option. Make this doll totally your own with a few simple clicks. Get the color, look, and feel you want thanks to our endless hairstyle customization options.

Turn your sex doll into your fantasy with our customized eye color options. We offer green, blue, and brown eye color options to choose from. Whether you want a dark haired beauty with light blue eyes or a blonde with dark brown eyes, we can accommodate your request.

Some guys prefer wide nipples while other guys really dig those perfect raspberry sized nipples. We leave that decision up to you. After all, you know best what you like. So, customize your doll’s nipples and get the look you want.

Nipple color is up there with nipple size, it’s important to most men. With our sex dolls, you get to control what color nipple your doll has. From dark brown to nearly transparent, we have a host of color options to select with a few simple clicks.

You’ll be happy to know that we offer customized feet options on each of our sex dolls. Choose from Standing and none standing options for the different sexual positions you might wish to explore with your sexy sex doll.


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