• Brand:YL Dolls
  • Material: TPE Doll
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  • Brand:YL Dolls
  • Material: TPE Doll

Melissa Featured in the main image is a WM doll standing at 170cm tall with a H cup breast / bra size. Below are her statistics and measurements.

170cm H cup :
Bra Size : H cup
Bust : 89cm
Waist : 54cm
Hips : 97cm
Underbust : 57cm
Foot Length : 22cm
Leg Length : 86cm
Arm Length : 66cm
Shoulder Width : 35cm
Weight : 41kg

Size of Love holes :
Vaginal Depth : 18cm
Anal Depth : 15cm
Oral Depth : 12cm


Melissa wears a badge by day protecting the streets of Chicago from criminals. Her tight uniform comes off as a play thing for some bad guys, but her crazy Brazilian jiu jitsu moves make them think twice before fucking with her. But, they have to admit, she is hot enough to make them want to. It might even be fun if she puts them in cuffs.

“It gets old having to deal with bad guys who can’t help but get a boner when I arrest them. I’ve got a tight little body, so I get it, but it is hard to do my job correctly,” says Melissa.

Melissa does, in fact, have a tight little body. She even has massive triple D breasts. She had to get a custom cop uniform because her body is so fucking curvy. This real doll sex toy is so much fun when you have her in your hands. And if you’re looking for a sex doll creampie, well, she’s the right doll to choose.


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