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Transsexual Sex Dolls

Transgender sex dolls are one of our more impressive body types. As the world gets more familiar with intersex and the ever changing horizons of gender fluidity, trans sex dolls offer a welcome gift for those interested in this fetish. Although lesbian women can be into TS sex dolls, there is an ever growing subsection of homosexual men who prefer a male sex doll with a female body and head. The gay sex doll collection has grown rapidly due to high demand and we expect the same to happen for our shemale dolls too. Hopefully our trusted manufacturers can respond with more variety as time goes on, but for the moment we can offer you this modest but tantalizing selection below. Read more about trans sex dolls by clicking the button below. 

Best of Both

Transsexual Dolls cater to each type of love and attraction.

For some, standard measures of affection and attraction don't quite measure up. The allure of the female form and the starkness of the male body offer attraction in opposing, yet complementary ways. While a great deal of people find one or the other exclusively attractive, others are equally drawn towards both. Some enjoy a tasteful blending of each sex's characteristics. A shemale sex TPE doll is the most sensible choice for those looking for penetrative pleasure, both submissively and aggressively. A tranny sex doll can be an amazing fit for the transitionally active and curious customer.

Transgender Dolls

With features both masculine and feminine.

Shemale dolls come with features both masculine and feminine and come with several pleasure areas. Pleasure holes can include a vaginal, anal, and oral entry for maximum variety and exploration. Additionally, since they also come with a penis attachment, for when receiving sounds better than giving. All pleasure holes are tight and taut, capable of enduring even the most endowed of men. Likewise, penis attachments are just as pleasurable. Transgender sex dolls are ready for an adventurous yet passionate time, all of the time.


trans sex doll
transsexual sex doll

Easily Customizable

With the best of each sex, you're all set to cum hard.

Some shemale sex doll features are customizable. Skin tone can be adjusted when ordering, with hues ranging from the most pale to the deeply dark. Several hairstyles are also available. Facially, a doll's eye color can be customized. Nail color and toe nail color are also adjustable.  Other personalizable aspects of trans sex dolls include nipple color and nipple size. Additionally, the amount of pubic hair can be adjusted. There are several other options when it comes to receiving a custom, made-to-order transgender sex dolls. Browse today for the best in quality and price.

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