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TPE Sex Doll

A TPE is truly a magnificent sight to behold. There's something magical about the way the light comes off TPE which resembles real skin. If you've never seen it up close, you're in for a treat. TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer which means that it can absorb and retain heat while proving a rubbery bounce too. A TPE doll's skin is actually porous, which means it absorbs moisture. Although seemingly counterintuitive - this gives the skin more of a realistic feel. This property also means that TPE can be colored to look like anything and our collection of anime sex dolls have some fantastic skin tones. Furthermore, that true-to-life "jiggle" makes for an unbelievable big tit sex doll all the way to replicating the firmer, younger type flesh of a teen sex doll.
tpe sex doll

Randy Rubber

Materials are cast around a rigid yet flexible alloy frame.

Pleasure, sensation, and sexual satisfaction are important experiences for almost everybody. There are many toys of sorts that help along the process, but they're often small, impersonal, and not at all true-to-life. Sex dolls are the perfect union between sex toys, and accurately represented sex. They're customizable, personalizable, and ever available for every sensual need conceivable. Like other forms of sex toys, sex dolls come in a variety of materials. These materials are cast around a rigid yet flexible alloy frame, allowing for a realistic range of motion. However, the type of material chosen can affect several factors, from price to overall satisfaction.


An ultra-realistic rubber-like material.

This material is often used in making realistic sex dolls for men. Short for Thermoplastic Elastomer, TPE is a great material for anybody looking to have a sex doll made. As compared to other plastics and materials, TPE is a more affordable rubber-like material. Thermoplastic Elastomer sex dolls bring out the best of the material and, most importantly, the doll. When an order is made and finalized, the crafting process is initiated; each doll is made-to-order, with a high attention to detail. This specialized rubber is heated until it turns to a liquid, and poured into a mold around the alloy frame. It is then left to cool and solidify, producing a realistic, high end sex doll.

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tpe doll

The Advantages

Softer skin like feel, compared to Silicone.

There are many advantages to owning a TPE doll. For starters, it is much more affordable than the other materials that sex dolls are made out of, like Silicone. It has a soft, skin like feel to it. It also retains its shape well, no matter how intense it gets with the doll. Resulting in highly affordable, sexy, lifelike dolls, ready to submit to any desire. They're ready to be ordered, and ready to be ordered around and now we're happy to offer a selection of USA and EU stocked dolls, dispatched in 24 hours and at your door in just 3-7 days.

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