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Here you can find a all our sex dolls in all categories we have listed on the Using our filter system to the left or clicking "refine by" on mobile, you can easily view specific categories. Filter by weight, price, height, brand, ethnicity, hair color to name a few. Since we have thousands of dolls, including the ability to create your own with custom sex dolls, it can be difficult to narrow down your selection on other websites, so we've made it easier for you. 

Sex Doll Torso

Cheaper and lighter but still all the fun! 

One of our best selling categories is the sex doll torso. A wonderfully easy to manoeuvre and position doll with less of the weight and a huge reduction in price. A torso sex doll can come with or without limbs and some even have a new feature where you can actually fuck the hipple holes. This feature is entirely unique to sex doll torsos, at time of writing. For the gay men out there and straight women; a male sex doll torso maybe just what you're looking for and is easily stored and requires much less strength compared to a full size sex doll.

TPE Sex Doll

Thermoplastic Elastomer is rubber with heat retention and Jiggle!

The main component of most sex dolls is TPE. This acronym stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer and not only does it retain heat but it slowly dissipates the head at a constant rate that makes is feel like you're touching a real person. Couple this with the jiggle effect and you've got a lifelike material that mimics the real thing. This is why TPE has become the most popular material used today in sex doll manufacture. Although silicone sex dolls are rapidly becoming more popular in their own right - they'll never replace TPE and are generally regarded as being preferred by connoisseurs, who are mainly interested in the visuals.  


Male Sex Dolls

Find male Sex Dolls for gay men & Straight women 

As the world becomes more accepting and tolerant to the LGBTQI community, the influx of male sex dolls from our trusted manufacturers has given a welcome opportunity for homosexual men to find their perfect gay sex doll. Women are also buying up male sex dolls to fill a hole, so to speak, in their often empty relationships. Unfortunately, many women have spoken to us about their difficult love life because for many reasons, one person in any relationship can lose libido. This can leave a woman wanting more but without the desire to end their relationship; so considering a male sex doll can be a neutral solution for both parties. 

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