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Program Been a sex doll affiliate you earn the highest commissions in the sex toy industry due to them been the highest price product available on the market.

How much can you earn been a Affiliate Partner?

You can earn 15% commission for each and every sale you generate with your referral links. We the highest commission rate in the industry.

An example commission: if a sex doll sells at $2,100 which is currently our highest priced doll you would earn a massive $330.00 for that one sale you generated.

How do i become an account and how does it work?

Its simple just register on this page below and within 24 hours you will be either emailed or approved, depending on if we need more information on your marketing plans.

The place our Banners or text links add your affiliate URL on your website. When a user clicks the links and makes a purchase, you will automatically earn 15% of that sale. you can login to your Affiliate account at any time to track your clicks, conversions and earnings.

Payout Information

Payouts can be paid via PayPal, bank transfer or bitcoins depending on your personal preference. The payout structure is once a month between the 1st and the 5th of each month.

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